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Chinese Neuro-Energetic Therapy


My main practice is derived from therapeutic techniques refined by Wang Juemin at the Baoding Hospital in China. Through a combination of touch and off body techniques referred to as "Wei Qi Liao Fa" (Healing with External Energy), I balance out the nervous system and bring the body back to homeostatis, either clearing stuck Qi or strengthening weakened meridians as needed.

Tui Na Massage


The therapeutic massage modality I practice is derived from Classical Chinese Medicine.  Tui means "to push" and na means "to lift and squeeze." As opposed to a spa style massage geared towards simple relaxation and entertainment, its main focus is providing therapeutic stimulation or sedation for stiff joints, musculoskeletal pain and non-musculoskeletal ailments.

I utilize a combination of compression, kneading, shaking, traction and acupressure techniques along well known acupuncture points and meridians, as well as the Eight Gates in-between the joints, clearing stagnation of blood and qi and balancing overstimulated nerves. Depending on preference, sessions can be either applied directly to the skin or through clothing. Along with increased range of motion and pain relief, my clients often report feeling like a whole new person after a session.

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