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First I will go over your health history, checking to see what you need. Next I will elaborate further on any questions you have about Qigong therapy and massage.


Beyond the immediate problems created by pain and stress, the weight of life in our fast, modern world can cut us off from our very connection to ourselves. By reconnecting you to your Spirit, I help you come back to feeling comfortable in your own body and mind, ready to face the challenges this world brings us.


Neuro-Energetic and Tui Na Therapy for up to 90 minutes-$70

Ideal for a wide range of musculoskeletal and nervous system pain conditions, along with general tension or fatigue.

Note: First sessions include an extra 30 minutes for a detailed health history and assessment.

A $25 deposit is also required for first time sessions.


Distance Qi Projection-$60

Ideal for PTSD, depression, or neurological/emotional pain that doesn't have a simple linear cause, along with respiratory infections and other illnesses that require periods of quarantine and isolation.

Distance or In-Person Class - $50


Group Class -$15 per person

Monthly class membership (4-5 classes) $40

Distance classes are conducted on Zoom. When working on long term chronic issues, regular daily practice of Qigong is ideal.

If one is enrolled in the monthly class memberships, therapy sessions are discounted to a rate of $50 per session.

All sessions come with a pain relief or your money back guarantee.

All rates are subject to change. I will give at least a 2-4 week heads up when it happens.


It's important to note that Clinical Qigong therapy and Tui Na massage does not treat or cure medical conditions as labelled via a Western diagnosis. Rather, by sensing patterns of disharmony within the meridians and zang-fu energetic systems, I seek to correct the imbalance and help to bring the body and mind back to homeostasis. One then returns to dynamic health where conditions can be more easily managed by the bodies own miraculous healing potential, and most importantly, they feel like "themselves" again.

Some common ailments my clients report relief from after seeing me are as follows:

-Pain of most types, including back pain, fibromylalgia and neuropathic discomfort.
-Adrenal Fatigue and Endocrine Imbalance
-Asthma and Respiratory Ailments
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Emotional Distress
-Ear Issues
-Eye Issues
-Gall Bladder and Kidney Stones
-High/low blood pressure
-Immune Disorders
-Menstrual Pain
-Plantar Fascitis
-Skin Issues
-Women's Health

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