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Christopher Gilbert

Since a young age I've had a long standing interest in Eastern arts and practices, along with an integrated, preventative approach to health.

I've also had a lifelong struggle against depression, social anxiety and feelings of being disconnected from the world due to high-functioning asperger syndrome.


My research and desire for emotional and spiritual healing eventually led me to my first experience with Clinical Qigong at a workshop in August 2011. I was completely blown away by the positive physical, emotional and mental impact it had on me. There was a sense of "coming home", feeling like I was fully myself again. I found that with daily Qigong practice it became easier to socialize and connect with others. The world around me took on new beauty and meaning whereas before it seemed gray and lifeless. From that moment on I decided that I wanted to help others realize the benefits of Qigong, both in clinic and as a self-practice.

While continuing to learn Clinical Qigong from my teacher Michael Lomax, I enrolled at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in order to further enhance my knowledge and skill in bodywork. After graduating in March 2015, I continued working with clients, and became certified in Clinical Qigong in November 2016 upon completing a 500 hour program in hands on Tui Na and Qigong therapeutic work.

Along with helping people recover from the many pains and challenges that life throws at us, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing clients' eyes light up as they witness the potential of Clinical Qigong and all it has to offer humanity.

I have the following education and certification:

Certificate in Chinese Neuro-Energetic

Therapy (November 2016)

Licensed Massage Therapist (March 2015)

Certificate in Neuromuscular Therapy (March 2015)

Certificate in Myofascial Therapy (March 2015)


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