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My practice is derived from clinical therapeutic techniques pioneered and refined by Wang Juemin at the Baoding Medical Qigong Hospital in China, and passed on to his student Michael Lomax.

The original Chinese name is Wai Qi Liao Fa, "external qi therapy". Approaching the body and mind from the assumption that it is an interconnected ecosystem rather than a collection of mechanical parts, I help balance the nervous system, clearing stagnation and strengthening the meridians described in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also employ Tui na progressive stretching techniques for stiff joints and muscle knots.

My practice also addresses psychological or spiritual issues, as these too are deeply connected to the health and flow of our Qi. Depression, anxiety and PTSD are just some of the burdens that can be lightened. There are moments in our lives where we may feel as if the world is weighing us down, and that we are completely cut off and alone, lost in a raging sea. By balancing the Qi and helping a client reconnect to their higher self, I bring them back to a state of being they describe as feeling like "themselves" again. In addition, for long term health and wellness, I also teach therapeutic Qigong exercises that clients can do on their own time to support their recovery.

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